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Signaling System
Introduction to the Digitrax SE8C
The Digitrax Signaling System is organized around the concept of “security elements” which are similar to what U.S. prototype railroads call “plants.” The Digitrax SE8C signal decoder displays aspects for up to 32 heads for 8 individual security elements (plants) using either a LocoNet Throttle or a computer with compatible software. When used with associated occupancy detectors and compatible software, the SE8C can be set up to protect the turnout as shown by the example below. The SE8C decodes switch commands from a throttle or associated software so that the appropriate aspects are displayed on the signal heads.

Each security element is made up of three legs designated A, B, & C. Every piece of track on your layout can be broken down into security elements to describe how each detection section connects to the other sections on your layout.

A to B, A to C, B to A & C to A are the only possible connections, based on turnout position. B to C is not possible.

Occupancy detection is required for any signaling system to function. Occupancy detection inputs can be handled by any LocoNet compatible occupancy detector (Any BDL16 Series Occupancy Detectors or BD1 Occupancy Detectors used with DS54s will work).

Transponding is not needed for the Digitrax Signaling System.

The SE8C sends its output to the signal driver to drive the signal heads. Each SE8C has 8 sets of signal drivers, each capable of driving a set of signal masts. Each set of masts can have up to four heads and each head can have up to four different lamps or a multi-color searchlight. The heads may be on separate single masts, dual masts, or gantries. Each mast has its own signal driver. In practice, each set of signal masts usually corresponds to the track controlled by a single security element.

The SE8C signal decoder and occupancy detector are connected to LocoNet so that all security elements on the layout can communicate with each other as the occupancy of each detection section of track changes. Since the Digitrax Signal System communicates through LocoNet, it does not need DCC to work. The SE8C signal decoders and BDL16 Series occupancy detectors can communicate directly with other LocoNet devices on the layout, they do not need a command station for this communication. This means that they can be used on non LocoNet DCC systems and DC systems where LocoNet is added to support signaling.

The SE8C lets you control signals manually from your Digitrax throttles or automatically through LocoNet compatible computer software such as Railroad & Company, WinLok and others.

For more information on the SE8C and accessories please click here to visit the Digitrax web site.

Item Description Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Cost Effective occupancy detection for 4 detection sections
Outputs for panel mounted LEDs to display occupancy
Detects any powered locomotive
Detects un-powered rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets
Transmits occupancy information to your LocoNet System using DS45 or SE8C (sold separately).

$29.95 $23.96 DIG-BD4
BD4N DCC 4 Block Occupancy Detector

Low-cost, High-sensitivity DCC block-occupancy detection.
Adjustable resistance/current detection section (DS) trip threshold.
8A capacity, suitable for all scales and track wiring configurations.
Noise resistant and compatible with BDL168 sections.
On-board status leds for stand-alone occupancy and track power indication, expandable for optional LT5 or fascia mounted occupancy indicator leds.
Plug and Play connections to simplify setup. Can cascade Booster wires.
Isolated Occupancy output signal lines can drive most common signal system or control interfaces.
Compatible with DS64 and SE8 modules for signaling, control and reporting occupancy onto LocoNet.
Replaces the BD4.

$37.00 $29.60 DIG-BD4N
Cost Effective occupancy detection for 16detection sections
Occupancy detection for 16 sections
Outputs for LEDs to indicate local detection section occupancy and zone power status on a panel mount display
3 Amp capacity per detection section
Transits Occupancy information over LocoNet
Supports SuperSonic decoder operations
Detects any powered locomotive
Detects any un-powered rolling stock equipped with resistor wheel sets
Plug 'N Play with Digitrax DCC
Configurable with most other DCC systems
Automatically checks layout status when used in conjunction with a computer
Improved Rail Sync Sampling for reliable operation
Transponding with the addition of one or two RX4 allows for 8 transponding sections
Transponding decoders are detected by the RX4s and the information is fed back to LocoNet
Transponding allows you to read back CV values of decoders equipped with transponders
Note: External power supply is needed. PS14 (sold separately) or equivalent is recommended. Multiple BDL16 series detectors can be powered from the same power supply as long as 100mA is provided for each BDL16 series detector.

$154.00 $123.20 DIG-BDL168

SE8C Signal Decoder

SE8C Plug 'N Play Signal Decoder make it easy to add prototypical signaling to your layout.

The SE8C can drive as many as 32 signal heads with many popular LED signal types.

It can also be used to control up to 8 slow motion turnout machines as either turnout control or control for semaphore type signals.

Easy modular Plug 'N Play and additional accessories make it simple to add signaling to your layout.

  • Control signals manually on your layout with a Loconet Throttle and Command Station
  • Automate control with detection and compatible computer software
  • Drives as many as 32 signal heads of any popular LED type
  • Built in current limiting resistors for setting brightness of LEDs
  • Drives up to 8 semaphore signals using slow motion turnout machines
  • Alternately can be used as stationary decoder to control 8 slow motion turnouts
  • Simple modular Plug 'N Play wiring system
  • Each signal driver cable drives 4 heads
  • Includes a sample Signal Driver Cable and Test Signal Mast
  • Provides 8 inputs for 8 control lines for local turnout control
  • Provides 8 inputs occupancy sensor links
  • For use with DC or DCC controlled layouts
  • Transponding is not necessary to implement signaling
  • A computer and third party software are necessary to realize the full feature potential of the SE8C

$132.00 $105.60 DIG-SE8C
N scale Turnout Signaling Kit $27.00 $21.60 DIG-SNABC
N scale Mainline Signaling Kit $27.00 $21.60 DIG-SN2AB
RX4 4-Zone
Transponding Receiver Add-on for BDL Series Detectors

The RX4 is a 4 zone transponder detector for use with Digitrax occupancy detection systems. The RX4 enables you to not only see what blocks are occupied but also identifies what is there.

•Know the layout zone location of transponder-equipped locos and rolling rolling stock
•Each RX4 handles 4 transponding zones
•Low current pulses wont interfere with DCC decoders or other track signals
•Can be used in conjunction with other means of occupancy detection to customize your layout's feedback system
•Works with most DCC compatible systems
•Can be adapted to work with other command control systems as well
•Location and identification information is updated continuously on LocoNet
•Location Information can be configured to be displayed on a track diagram
•No modification of existing equipment required, just add the transponding components and you're ready to go.
•More features than any other method of "bi-directional" communication.
Note: RX4s must be used in conjunction with a Digitrax BDL16 series occupancy detector to function.
$54.00 $43.20 DIG-RX4

TF4 Dual DCC Function Decoder with Integrated Transponding
TF4 Quad DCC Function Decoder with Integrated Transponder

•Four 125mA (250mA peak) function output for lights or other functions
•Functions can be turned on/off using F0-F12
•Supports both 2 digit and 4 digit addressing
•Programmable from DCC compatible equipment
•Configurable Strobe feature lets you simulate flashing lights like FRED, Strobes, Mars Lights, etc. on the yellow and white leads
•Standard On/Off Function operation available on green & violet leads.
•Compatible with Digitrax DCC Transponding Systems
•Approximate size: 0.461” x 0.31” x 0.161” (11.7mm x 7.8mm x 4.1mm)


$23.00 $18.40 DIG-TF4

TL1 Single DCC Function Decoder with Integrated Transponding
TL1 Single DCC Function Decoder with Integrated Transponder

•Your TL1 can be used as:
1. Function only DCC decoder with transponding
2. Digitrax Transponder
3. Function only DCC decoder without transponding.
•Single 125mA (250mA peak) function output for lights or other functions
•Function can be turned on/off using F0, F1, F2, F3, or F4
•Supports both 2 digit and 4 digit addressing
•Programmable from DCC compatible equipment
•Configurable Strobe feature lets you simulate flashing lights like FRED, Strobes, Mars Lights, etc.
•Compatible with Digitrax DCC Transponding Systems
•Approximate size: 0.461” x 0.31” x 0.161” (11.7mm x 7.8mm x 4.1mm)


$20.00 $16.00 DIG-TL1
Signal Mast Base Kit
Includes 3 Signal Masts
$17.00 $13.60 DIG-SMBK
Signal Driver Cable Kit
Materials for making 2 signal driver cables, includes 20' of 10-wire ribbon cable and 8 10-pin sockets
$22.00 $17.60 DIG-SDCK
Signal Mounting Hardware Kit
Under layout mounting hardware for signal driver cables and their sockets. 6 metal signal straps and 6 signal spacers
$12.00 $9.60 DIG-SMHK
Terminal Strip Mounting Kit
2 Terminal strip boards with resistors for easy installation. Each strip can handle from 1 to 4 signal heads
$17.00 $13.60 DIG-TSMK


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