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PX112-6F Power Xtender For N Scale 6 Pin Sound Decoders for DN166PS Decoder.
Part #DIG-PX112-6F N Scale Supply Price: $20.80
New: April 2014

Size 1.575 x 0.547 x 0.315 (40 x 13.9 x 8mm)
Installation For Use WithDN166PS Decoder
  • Keeps locos & sound running during power interruptions caused by dirty or bad track.
  • Keeps light and other functions from dropping out due to power interruptions.
  • Hold up time varies based on decoder load & track conditions.
  • Use with Digitrax Series 6 1 Amp Decoders Equipped with a 6 pin Function Harness
  • For use with Digitrax 1 Amp Series 6 decoders.
  • Easy to add to Digitrax decoders with 6 pin function harness.
  • Plug N Play installation with no CV configuration required
Instructions To View the instruction sheet (.pdf) from the Digitrax web site click here

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