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DCC Power Supplies

A power supply is needed to supply your Digitrax DCC system. This power supply will be responsible for powering all locomotives on the layout at one time. So generally this will need to be heavier duty than a normal single unit power pack. The power supply needs to put out at least 12 volts, either AC or DC. Maximum is 22 volts AC or 28 volts DC.

Each Digitrax booster unit will handle up to 5 amps of power (some have even greater capacity).

Description Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Digitrax 300 mA 14 VDC Power Supply
The PS14 is a 300ma, 14 Volt power supply for powering Digitrax accessories like the UP5, BDL168, DS64, SE8C, LNRP, UR90 & UR91 and others
$16.00 $12.80 DIG-PS14
PS615 90W AC/DC 15VDC 6 amp power supply for use with all Digitrax Command Stations and Boosters operating at 5 amps

•High-efficiency power supply
•15 VDC output
•Accepts different cord sets
•Meets MEPS VI and DOE VI efficiency standards
•CE for EM compatibility and IEC 60950, UL, and FCC safety requirements
•Full galvanic isolation of output voltage from AC input
•RoHS environmentally sensitive manufacturing
•Compact and lightweight
•Power indicator light

Over current and overload protected


PS2012 20 Amp DCC Power Supply
  • Operate one or more boosters -with a single PS2012 supply.
  • Scale selectable for use with N, HO or large scale.
  • Design Coordinated for use with Digitrax products
  • Built-in unit over-current and over-temp protection
  • DC Output Current Ammeter
  • On/Off Switch
  • Integral Cooling fan
  • One ‘Y’ Cable (P/N YC52) Included for convenience with dual 5 amp
    protected outputs

Click here for PS2012 manual.
$236.00 $188.80 DIG-PS2012

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