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LocoNet Repeater

  • Isolates segments of your LocoNet layout
  • Protects segments of your LocoNet layouts
  • Extends large LocoNet installations of more than 20 devices.
  • Acts as a Diagniostic tool if LocoNet network problems occur.
  • FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant.

If a wiring or signal problems occur on any “standard” LocoNet section that the LNRP is connecting and monitoring, the LNRP will act to internally disconnect the faulty “standard” LocoNet segment so that the “protected” LocoNet can continue operating. If the fault is removed, the LNRP will typically automatically reconnect and resume operations on the “standard” LocoNet segment.

NOTE: This item needs a 12v DC power supply such as the DIG-PS12 ($7.99)

View the LNRP Manual from the Digitrax Website
Additional details -

Q) Is the LNRP a RailSync Booster, too?

A) The LNRP boosts (and separates) the Railsync "standard" outputs from the master command station ("protected" railsync), so if there is a problem with this separated "standard" Railsync copy, the master Command Station is unaffected along with other devices like track boosters that need good railsync copies.

This boosted Railsync is also over-current protected and the LNRP will turn off an overloaded "standard" Railsync and automatically retry re-powering, so when the fault clears the "standard" Railsync is restored. This is useful in systems that have plugs that may short the railsyncs to e.g. ground during operation, or if the wiring is simply overloaded.

In the same way, the LocoNet "data" part of the cable wiring is protected on the Command Station side, so if the "standard" side has a LocoNet data problem, the LNRP will amputate or disconnect just this data part from the "protected" command station side. Once the data fault clears, the LNRP will automatically restore data connection,

All the fault states detected are indicated on the LEDS.

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