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DZ123M0 1 Amp Z-Scale Mobile Decoder For MicroTrains GP-35, GP-9
Part #DIG-DZ123M0 N Scale Supply Price: $31.20
New: Jan. 2022

Current Rating1.0 Amp (2.0 Amps peak)
Size 0.32 x 1.319 x 0.118 (8.128mm x 33.5026mm x 2.9972mm)
Installation Board Replacement (read more)
Function Outputs 2-125mA
Function Type
  • Turn functions on and off.
  • Head lights and tail lights are automatically reversing unless you make them independent.
  • All function outputs have FX generators for prototypical lighting effects and have qualifiers for FX effects and qualifiers for standard on/off functions.
  • All Digitrax Series 3 decoders have FX3 type functions.
  • FX3 decoders offer full function remapping so you can choose which function (F0-F12) controls each function lead.
  • FX3 decoders offer master light switch capability.
  • FX3 decoders offer qualifiers for FX function operation qualified by one of the following: the loco's direction of travel, whether F0 is on or off, loco direction and F0, or whether the loco is moving or not. These qualifiers are also available on function outputs that are used as standard on/off functions.
Series 3:
  • 2&4 digit addressing
  • Digitrax LocoMotion™ System with Simplified Scaleable Speed Stabilization
  • 3 Step Speed Tables
  • Advanced Speed Tables
  • Support for all DCC programming methods
  • Operations mode read back capability
  • Advanced Consisting
  • Transponding
  • Motor isolation protection
  • Supersonic™ motor drive for silent motor operation.
  • One-step decoder factory CV reset
  • White LEDs on decoders that come with LEDs
  • FX3 Function Outputs
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