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DT500, DT500R& DT500DCE Series Throttles

Corded with Infrared Wireless
Duplex Radio for USA
Duplex Radio for Europe
Coiled Cord X
Small 12" Cord  XX
Infra-ready out of the box ( with UR90 or UR92 sold separately )XXX
Full Duplex Wireless when paired with a UR92 Duplex Transceiver
(UR92 Transceiver sold separately)
No need to Plugin to select or dispatch locomotives, complete wireless operation.XX
Use with DCE System for EuropeX
Works with ANY LocoNet compatible systemXXX
Full numeric keypad makes loco selection simpleXXX
Soft On/Off power switchXXX
Single key access to most common throttle tasksXXX
Dual throttle controls let you control two locos simultaneouslyXXX
Run locomotives with “encoder click” knobs for speed and direction controlXXX
Control light and sound effects functions with the press of a buttonXXX
Large Multi-Line LCD display shows locomotive status at a glanceXXX
Built in flashlight for convenienceXXX
Traditional walk around operationXXX
Control 30 functions (F0Fwd, F0Rev, and F1-F28).XXX
Function active/inactive indicatorsXXX
Convenient step-by-step throttle option set upXXX
Playable whistle feature on F2XXX
Supports decoder programmingXXX
Simplified 4 or 2 digit addressingXXX
Over 9,000 locomotive decoder addressesXXX
Supports turnout and stationary decoder controlXXX
Over 2000 turnout decoder addressesXXX
Supports cab signalingXXX
Transponding “Find” featureXXX
Device Query ModeXXX
Input ModeXXX
Fast clock displayXXX
Recall featureXXX
N Scale Supply Price:$151.20$203.20BACK
Part NumberDIG-DT500DIG-DT500DDIG-DT500DCE

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