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LocoNet full feature advanced throttle, Radio Equipped
Part #DIG-DT100R N

The DT100R is a full featured advanced DCC throttle. It works as an advanced throttle on LocoNet when another device such as a DCS100, DB150, DT200 or a computer is acting as the command station.
The DT100Rs display is an LCD with four digits and other indicators. It also uses several LED's to indicate status.
The DT100R is different from most throttles you have ever used because it has two sets of throttle controls on a single hand held. The left hand throttle knob & the left hand direction arrow key work together to control the speed & direction of one train while the right hand side can control another train at the same time. This arrangement is particularly useful if you are operating alone & want to have two trains under your control. The dual throttle arrangement makes consisting & helper operations simple & much more prototypical.
The DT100Rs throttle knobs are encoders rather than potentiometers. When you turn the throttle knob, it will rotate more than one turn from 0 to full speed. The number of rotations is based on whether you have the system set up for 14, 28 or 128 speed step operation. These encoder knobs give you incredibly fine speed control & when you select another loco, the throttle knob position does not change the speed of the new loco selected. No more rushing to adjust the throttle to match the loco's speed! (Note: If you prefer pushbutton operation, you can use the up & down arrow keys as well.)
DT100R looks and works like a DT100 Throttle but it has a shorter plug-in cord and has a radio transmitter inside. The cord is NOT the antenna! The cord is used to select locomotives and as a fail-safe device so that you won't lose control of your trains even if your battery goes dead.

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