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DN141E2 Digital Mobile decoder for ER Models Baldwin Sharks
Part #DIG-DN141E2 N Scale Supply Price: Sold Out
New Product: March 2002

Current Rating 1.0 Amp (1.5 Amps peak)
Size 0.35” x 3.36" w/LEDs x 0.13”
8.9mm x 85.4mm x 3.3mm
Installation Board replacement decoder
Function Outputs 4 (125mA total)
Function Type
  • Turn functions on and off.
  • Head lights and tail lights are automatically reversing unless you make them independent.
  • Use up to 4 FX generators for creating prototypical lighting effects like Mars lights, ditch lights, Gyra lights, rotating beacon, single & double pulse strobe lights and random flicker. These effects can be customized for maximum realism using FX qualifers. FX decoders donot offer qualifiers for function leads used as standard on/off leads.
  • 2&4 digit addressing
  • Digitrax LocoMotion™ System with Scaleable Speed Stabilization
  • 3 Step Speed Tables
  • Advanced Speed Tables
  • Paged, Register, Direct & Ops Mode Programming
  • Advanced Consisting
  • Transponding
  • Motor Fault Detection at initial power on
  • FX or Configurable Strobe Function Outputs
Instructions To View the instruction sheet (.pdf) from the Digitrax web site click here

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