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Gunderson Maxi-Stack III 5-Unit Articulated Car

The Prototype
By the late 80's, double stack trains had become the standard method for moving international 20' and 40' containers. But 48' containers for domestic service were becoming more common and this presented a problem for railroads. The Twinstacks, Lo-Pac 2000's and Maxi-Stacks could only carry 48' containers in the upper position. If the domestic boxes outnumbered the international boxes, the extras would have to be left behind. Then in 1989 Gunderson introduced the Maxi-III. This articulated car featured five 48' wells. Each well could carry 20', 24', 40' 45' or 48' containers in the bottom position and 40', 45', 48' or 53' containers in the upper position. The Maxi-III was an immediate hit with the intermodel community.
The deLuxe innovations N Scale Model
These five unit cars feature precision die cast metal bodies for superior tracking, even when empty. The brake detail and articulators are injection molded plastic. And, since this is a deLuxe innovations car, all the treadways, platforms, and grab irons are made of see-through etched stainless steel! Like the prototype, the deLuxe Maxi-III will fit all standardized 48' or shorter containers in the bottom position and all 40' or longer containers in the upper positiion. Containers are sold separately.

Road Name Image Road # MSRP Our $ Part #
Santa Fe 254255 $94.95
254261 $94.95
BNSF ex-BN 240426 $94.95
240068 $94.95
NOKL ex-Rabanco 252281 $94.95
252289 $94.95

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