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RoadRailer® Trailers

Shown with CouplerMate (on left)

The RoadRailer is a combination highway trailer / rail car built by Wabash National in Indiana. After being loaded at various freight docks, RoadRailers are driven on the highway to a collection point where a crew of three assembles them into a RoadRailer train. Each trailer is backed onto a bogie (a roller bearing truck with a saddle atop the bolster) and the tires are retracted up against the floor. The front of each RoadRailer leans on the back of the one in front of it creating, in effect, a single articulated car up to 125 units long. RoadRailers run in solid unit trains and on the back of Amtrak passenger trains. At the front of a block of RoadRailers, a device called a CouplerMate is used. This consists of a truck with a platform and railings, brake gear, a tool box and a standard coupler for connecting to a locomotive.

The CouplerMate safety rails and steps are extremely fine brass etchings.

Details include two different landing gears (raised and lowered)
and two different bumpers (raised and lowered)


Description Image MSRP Our Price Part #
Undecorated RoadRailer®   $13.35 DEI-180001
Dimi Data RoadRailer®   $13.35 DEI-180011
Triple Crown $19.99 DEI-290501
Canadian National Single    $17.95 DEI-290601 
Canadian National 3 Pack $53.85 DEI-290603 
Canadian National 6 Pack $107.70 DEI-290606 


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