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40' Refridgerated Containers
All containers are packaged in 2-packs

Reefer Containers are insulated boxes with removable cooling units mounted in the front. The cooling units require a source of electricity to operate. While on the road, generator packs are mounted to the front or slung under the chassis. While on rails, the front mounted units are used, or the colling units are plugged into a common "gen set" mounted on the stack car deck or on a special container. Many times they will travel unpowered, relying on their insulation to keep the load cool. While on board ship the containers are plugged into the ship's power.
These models have removable bottoms so weights can be added. This is suggested for containers in the lower position in stack cars with plastic bodies.
Weights that fit snugly into the container floors are made by deLuxe and are also included with the deLuxe Twinstack container car. For double stacking, try deLuxe "Container Glue", a non-marking, removable and reusable adhesive.

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