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20' Corrugated Containers
It is commonly believed that 20' containers are used for moving small batches of cargo. While this is occasionally true, they are most often used to haul heavy cargo that would max out highway limits long before the volume of a larger container would be filled. Their height and width fall within international standards so they can be seen in almost every country in the world. Tall stacks of containers are connected by Inter-Box Connectors (called IBC's) which fit in the square castings on each corner of the container.
These models have removable bottoms so weights can be added. This is suggested for containers in the lower position in stack cars with plastic bodies. Weights that fit snugly into the container floors are made by deLuxe and are also included with the deLuxe Twinstack container car. For double stacking, try deLuxe "Container Glue", a non-marking, removable and reusable adhesive.

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