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Triple Crown RoadRailer® Trailers, 2nd Production Run

Shown with CouplerMate (on left)

The first release of the deLuxe innovations RoadRailer was for Triple Crown Services, who operates the largest fleet of RoadRailers in the world. Triple Crown was formed by Conrail and Norfolk Southern to serve priority customers in their respective regions. Triple Crown also run on Canadian Pacific and BNSF in certain corridors.

Because Triple Crowns move in unit trains, these models are being produced in 21 road numbers packages in two separate 10 packs and a single. Each 10 pack contains 10 RoadRailer Trailers and bogies and a single CouplerMate. Singles include a RoadRailer Trailer with matching bogie. CouplerMates (which are equipped with Accumate magnetically operating knuckle style couplers) are also available separately.

Description MSRP Our Price Part #
Triple Crown 10-Pack w/CouplerMate, Set #1
Second Run - new road numbers
$148.75 DEI-180120
Triple Crown (Large Logo ) Single $14.75 DEI-180201
Triple Crown (Large Logo ) 10-Pack w/CouplerMate, Set #12 $154.75 DEI-180210

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