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Spokane, Portland & Seattle
1944 40' AAR Box Car 
New: April 2003

Like many smaller Class 1 Railroads, SP&S's modest car fleet featured a wide variety of paint scheme variations. This class of cars was built in 1953 and delivered with only the oval logo. Later, many were repainted with the large "SP&S" to the left of the door. SP&S merged with parents Great Northern and Northern Pacific (and Burlington) in 1970. . The apex roofwalk, stirrups and Ajax brakewheel are all etched metal for that realistic see-through look. These cars are available in singles, 2-packs & 3-packs for a total of 6 different road numbers.

Cars are complete ready to run and equiped with Atlas AccuMate magnetic couplers and trucks
Date: M
CKR 10-59

Items MSRP Price Part #
Single car
Large SP&S Logo
$14.45 sold out DEI-142401
One of each paint scheme
$28.90 sold out DEI-142402
Two of large SP&S and one with smaller type
$43.05 sold out DEI-142403
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