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Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 
1944 40' AAR Box Car 
New: December 2002

For much of its history, the P&LE was controlled by the New York Central. Often called "The Little Giant" P&LE was less than 300 miles long but had some of the most heavily trafficked main lines in the world. At one point, P&LE owned a whopping 63 freight cars per mile of track. To put that into perspective Santa Fe owned 5 cars per mile of track! These jade green cars definitely show the styling of P&LE's parent, NYC. The Central logo in white, black, and red is right over the road number just to remind everyone who holds the reigns. The apex roofwalk, stirrups and Ajax brakewheel are all etched metal for that realistic see-through look. These cars are available in singles and 2-packs for a total of three different road numbers.

Cars are complete ready to run and equiped with Atlas AccuMate magnetic couplers and trucks
Date: M
CKR 10-59

Items MSRP Price Part #
Single car $14.35 sold out DEI-142301
2-Pack $28.70 sold out DEI-142302
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