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Vesuvius Crucible
1944 40' AAR Box Cars

Items Part # MSRP Price
Single DEI-141901 $14.15 sold out
2-Pack DEI-141902 $28.30 Sold Out
Vesuvius Crucible Company makes high temperature containers and accessories used in making steel. These ceramic containers have finite lifespans since some impurities in molten metal bond to the surfaces and constant heating and cooling creates weaknesses over time. You can imagine the problems if a crucible failed while full of molten metal. You're not cleaning that up with Mr. Clean and a mop! Vesuvius Crucible bought these cars second hand and well into the 1970's. The cars are bright yellow with black stenciled lettering and a white, black and red volcano logo. They are available in singles and 2 packs with a total of three different road numbers.

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