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Northern Pacific
1944 40' AAR Box Cars

Items Part # MSRP Price
Single DEI-141801 $14.15 sold out
2-Pack DEI-141802 $28.30 sold out
3-Pack DEI-141803 $42.45 sold out
Northern Pacific built 750 of these 1944 AAR standard box cars in their own shops in 1949. NP was a big supporter of wood sheathed box cars (due in large part to the ever present timber industry along NP's route). But, following the war, the demand for cars and the lure of more rugged materials led Northern Pacific to order or build steel cars in increasing numbers. And rugged they were. Many of these cars survived the Burlington Northern merger in 1970 and received a coat of Cascade Green. These cars are available in 6 road numbers (in a 3-pack, 2-pack, and single). they are mineral red with white, black and red lettering.

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