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Soo Line
1944 40' AAR Box Cars

Items Part # MSRP Price
Single DEI-141701 $13.95 Sold Out
2-Pack DEI-141702 $27.90 Sold Out
In July of 1954, Soo took delivery of 400 AAR standard 40' box cars. This batch of cars received only even road numbers spread across 49500 through 46698. This practice was not as unusual as you may think. A number of roads would number classes of cars only even or odd, with the alternate numbers equiped with different appliances and hardware. Soo subsidiary Wisconsin Central (not affiliated with today's WC) had purchased the same design over the previous three years with 350 cars in service. Presumably satisfied with the cars, parent Soo Line bought their own. For most of their lives, these cars wore the billboard SOO LINE lettering in white.

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