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New York Central
1944 40' AAR Box Car

A total of 6 unique road numbers are available by purchasing all three packs.

# Cars Part # MSRP Price
1 DEI-141301 $13.25
2 DEI-141302 $26.50
3 DEI-141303 $39.75

Late 1958 began a period of major changes for the New York Central. The road was being groomed for merger with Chesapeake & Ohio, passenger service was downplayed, new technologies were being implemented, and there was a major push to win new freight business. Jade Green cars (sometimes called Century Green) sporting the new "cigar band" logo began to appear on new cars. As older cars were serviced, they were repainted from the long standard brown scheme to the new Jade Green. The reversed lettering layout with the road number to the right of the door and the large logo to the left was unusual compared to most railroads, but there was a method to the Central's madness. By using the reversed layout, both the car number and data, and the logo would be visible in full even when the doors were open. Alas, the merger with C&O was not to be. NYC tied the know with Pennsylvania, bringing an end to the cigar band logo. The green would live on as Penn Central green. A number of NYC Jade Green cars would still see revenue service into the 1980's, rusty but operable. These N Scale models have black ends and roof; black, white and red cigar bands; and white road numbers and data.

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