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Erie Lackawanna
1944 40' AAR Box Car

Erie Lackawanna was born from the merger of Erie and Delaware, Lackawanna & Western in 1960. Over the next 16 years EL would face a name change, purchase by N&W (sort of), merger with itself, two years of profitability, destruction by a hurricane, bankruptcy, an finally merger into Conrail in 1976. During that time, they operated lots of box cars to service the numerous appliance and light machinery manufacturers along its route. This class of car was originally built for the Erie and repaiinted gray following the merger. This gray scheme was striking, but was found to be less durable than box car red. Box car red later became the standard.

A total of 6 unique road numbers are available by purchasing all three packs.

# Cars Part # MSRP Price
1 DEI-141201 $13.25 sold out
2 DEI-141202 $26.50 sold out
3 DEI-141203 $39.75 sold out

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