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Delaware & Hudson
1944 40' AAR Box Car

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The prototype for these 50 ton cars were kits built by Delaware & Hudson in their Oneonta, NY shops. Although the prototypes were assembled using the '44 AAR standards, D&H utilized unusual welded cripmed-edge panels in the sides bacause a D&H official believed earlier versions looked flimsy. The new method didn't fix the problem however. Of the two D&H paint schemes used on this car, the round logo is the older of the two, but both were seen concurrently. These models featue 6' opening doors (Pat Pend), diagonal panel roofs, and 4-3-1 Improved Dreadnaught ends, and 10 panel riveted sides. The Apex roofwalk, stirrups,a nd Ajax brakewheel are all etched metal. The cars are equipped with 50 ton trucks and refind knuckle couplers developed jointly by deLuxe and InterMountain.

A total of 6 unique road numbers are available by purchasing all three packs.

# Cars Logo Part # MSRP Price
1 Round DEI-141001 $13.25
2 1 Each DEI-141002 $26.50
3 1 Round,
2 Shield
DEI-141003 $39.75

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