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deLuxe innovations # 14060-2

40' AAR Box Car - 2 Pack
Maine Central
Road # 6716 & 8507
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More than a third of Maine Central's traffic is forest products. It is no small wonder they use a pine tree as their logo. The six road numbers represented here come from two batches of cars. One was painted yellow with green doors and the other green with yellow doors. But the differences don't end there. The "MEC" to the left of the door is larger on the green car. The railroad also changed stencils used to paint the reporting marks. These cars were assigned to general freight service and could be seen from coast to coast.

The models feature 6' opening doors (pat pend), diagonal panel roofs, and 4-3-1 Improved Dreadnaught ends. The Apex roofwalk, stirrups, and Ajax brakewheel are all etched metal. The cars are equipped with 50 ton trucks and refind knuckle couplers developed jointly by deLuxe and InterMountain.



Crisp Lettering

Under-Carriage Detail

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