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1944 40' AAR Box Car
Union Pacific

Items Part # MSRP Price
Single Car DEI-14030 13.25
2-Pack DEI-14030-2 26.50
3-Pack DEI-14030-3 39.75

Union Pacific built a lot of cars at their Omaha shops. This class, lot B-50-41, was one of the largest ever built for UP, 3500 cars. Since the streamliners were a huge source of pride for the railroad, they were featured on one side of each car. During the run, in 1951, UP changed the spec for painting the "Be Specific" slogan, separating the "ship UNION PACIFIC" from the "Be Specific" by 18". More research can be done on these cars in Terry Metcalfe's "Union Pacific Freight Cars 1936-51" and Lou Schmitz' "UP Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Volume 2".
The models feature 6' opening doors (pat pend), diagonal panel roofs, and 4-3-1 Improved Dreadnaught ends. The Apex roofwalk, stirrups, and Ajax brakewheel are all etched metal. The cars are equipped with 50 ton trucks and refined knuckle couplers. For those who desire, conversion Information to Rapidos or Micro-Trains Line Couplers are included.

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