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Items Part # MSRP Price
Single Car DEI-12160 11.25
3-Pack DEI-12160-3 33.75
6-Pack DEI-12160-6 67.50

These are black cars with white rotary ends. SFIX is the reporting marks for System Fuels, Inc. They purchased their coal gons in a number of batches which are visible by the variations in lettering. It seems they just couldn't leave well enough alone, as there are differences in the letter "S", road numbers (3 digits vs. 4 digits), data stacking (4 panel vs. 5 panel), Con-Stencils (single block vs. double block), and even the builders plate (outlined vs. open). Each car also carries the four color ACI tags, There are twenty road numbers available across four different paint schemes. In addition to their usual routes, large numbers of SFIX cars have been scattered to the winds to take up the slack in the national coal car fleet. Some of the road numbers represented here were photographed in Los Angeles in the company of UP, SP and Rio Grande hoppers hauling export coal to the docks.

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