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Twin Tub Gondola

Public Service of Colorado

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Single Car DEI-12130 11.25 Sold Out
6-Pack DEI-12130-6 67.50 Sold Out

The blur between the red and black was caused by lighting and camera angle, not the painting

Public Service of Colorado was an early adopter of the coal unit train. This batch represents the first group in the twin tub design. The red end denotes the end equipped with a rotary coupler, as the cars are unloaded in a rotary dumper at the plant. They are flow loaded at the mine, and the load shape varies slightly from car to car. The ACI tag at the right end of the car is a bar code that identifies each and every car. While it was a good idea, the readers proved not to be able to get a clear reading through the dust and grime, and the system was discontinued shortly after inception. These cars were photographed in and round Denver in 1996 and 1997.
Now the N Scale can operate as efficiently as the prototype with deLuxe Innovations version of this efficient, hard working car. To closely simulate the prototype, this road is available with 20 individual roadnumbers.

Close-up Detail

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