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Consolidated Plastics Spray Bottles

These can be used for any liquid such as Matte Medium, Water, Thinned Glue, etc. First is a standard 8oz Bottle with the squeeze trigger type of sprayer you would find on many household products like 409 or Windex. Priced at $3.29 each. The second is an 8 oz. bottle with a pump sprayer. You use the lid to pump the air pressure up in the bottle. Then the liquid is sprayed by depressing the top (similar to using an aerosol can). Comes with three different spray tops for Stream, Fine Spray and Wide Spray styles.

Air Spray

Squeeze Bottles

Description Part # Price
8 oz. Air Pump Sprayer CPC-AIRSPRAY $2.29
4 oz. Squeeze Bottle CPC-4OZSQUEEZ $4.29
8 oz. Squeeze Bottle CPC-8OZSQUEEZ $4.99
16 oz. Wide-Mouth Threaded Jar CPC-16JAR $2.25