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Railroad Model Craftsman
by Carstens Publications, Inc.

Volume 67 Number 5 October 1998
Part #CAR-RMC9810 N Scale Supply Price: $3.50

Table of Contents
Special features
Perspective: Parking place by William C. Schaumburg
A street corner locomotive terminal provides a lesson in simplicity.
Al Gibes' Pekin, Pellston & Peoria R.R. by Don Spiro
This beautiful, 11'x13' HO scale layout is set in rural Michigan and its scenes are based the childhood memories of its creator.
You can model Eastern narrow gauge: Pt. II by George Pierson
As a follow up to last month's look at some of the East's lesser-known narrow gauge lines, we present some ideas for modeling them.
RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: Kitbashing a WP through truss bridge by Jim Providenza
The author was able to reconfigure a Central Valley HO scale bridge kit to resemble a bridge on the Western Pacific.
Modeling NJ Transit's Comet IV cars by Frank Cicero
With a little detailing, the Walther's HO scale Bombardier passenger cars can be turned into models of NJ Transit's newest cars.
Building a cornfield by David Leider
Here is an inexpensive method for producing a good looking cornfield with a minimum of hassle.
Building Albion lighthouse by Robert Bennett
This little lighthouse would look right at home on the coast of Maine.
Perfect grab irons every time by Pat Sanders
Here is how you can turn a small pair of needlenose pliers into a tool for making perfect grab irons.
American Car & Foundry's Motorailers by Robert E. Mohowski with drawings by Charles Yungkurth
In this first of a two-part series, we take a look at these streamlined, self-propelled cars that were the successors to the gas-electrics and predecessors of the Rail Diesel Car.
Pennsylvania R.R. class G27 gondolas by Richard Burg
Thousands of these gondolas were built by the PRR and other railroads soon followed suit.
Southern Pacific section tool sheds by Herman Darr
These small buildings served section crews by providing storage space for tools, track materials and speeders.

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