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Do you have a box of old rolling stock you no longer use? How about those structure kits you bought ten years ago? Admit it to yourself, you will never get around to building that kit your bought back in '85.

N Scale Supply is always looking to buy anything from a small lot to a complete Collection. We need inventory to put on our website under the PREOWNED page.

Getting out of the hobby? Changing scales? Just running low on cash?

One thing to note, if you are looking to get absolute top-dollar for your items you will need to sell them direct to the final consumer. This means you need to take the photos, write the descriptions, launch the auctions on ebay, complete the sale, package and ship the item. If you don't want to do all of that work then talk to us. When N Scale Supply buys a collection, or any other buyer for that matter, we cannot pay you top-dollar. We have to cover our expenses to sell and make a little profit. But I think you will find we pay out a generous amount. If you want a no-hassle way to get rid of that dust-repository quickly drop us an email at sales@nscalesupply.com.

Understand that we will not buy a collection sight-unseen. Please send us a list of what you, condition and how much you are asking for. We will need to get the collection in hand to finalize any offer we make. If you take store credit rather than cash we can be a bit more generous. Remember, your old junk is a valuable find-of-the-year for someone else!