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These special release ready to run wood side, truss rod cabooses are built by Bluford Shops from Athearn parts.

Grand Trunk Western used wood sided cabooses from the inception of the line until the 1970s. GTW connected Chicago with Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan plus branches. Both the GTW and the Central Vermont were parts of the sprawling Canadian National family which explains the general similarity in paint schemes. But take note, the maple leaves of each railroad are different

Central Vermont's wooden caboose fleet remained largely intact until 1972 when they were suddenly replaced by modern steel wide vision cabooses. CV was a north-south railroad connecting the coast of Connecticutt at New London with the Canadian border, serving five states and the province of Quebec in the process.
Road NameRoad #ImageMSRPOur $Part #
Grand Truck & Western77050$24.98 BLU-985801
77005$24.98 BLU-985802
Central Vermont4014$24.98 BLU-985803
4004$24.98 BLU-985804