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2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hoppers.

Bluford Shops is proud to announce our third new body style in N scale since July. This time we have 2-Bay War Emergency Composite Hoppers. These are the predecessors of the Rebuilt War Emergency Hoppers we announced last month. These cars were built during the Second World War with wood siding and slope sheets at the direction of the War Production Board in hopes of saving as much steel as possible for the war effort. This was especially the case with hoppers that were usually built with copper-bearing steel to resist corrosion. The car sides were built with the Pratt truss design using a combination of vertical and diagonal ribs. A majority were later rebuilt with steel replacing the wood components but some composite cars remained in service into the 1970s.

Road Name Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Undec NA $24.95 BLU-63000
Chesapeake & Ohio Single Car $24.95 BLU-63011
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63012
3 Pack $74.85 BLU-63013
Burlington Route Single Car $24.95 BLU-63021
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63022
3 Pack $74.85 BLU-63023
Lehigh Valley Single Car $24.95 BLU-63031
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63032
3 Pack $74.85 BLU-63033
Louisville & Nashville Single Car $24.95 BLU-63041
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63042
3 Pack $74.85 BLU-63043
Pennsylvania Railroad Single Car $24.95 BLU-63051
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63052
3 Pack $74.85 BLU-63053
Virginian Single Car $24.95 BLU-63061
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63062
3 Pack $74.85 BLU-63063
Alton Railroad Single Car $24.95 BLU-63071
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63072
Ann Arbor Single Car $24.95 BLU-63081
2 Pack $49.90 $39.92 BLU-63082
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Single Car $24.95 BLU-63091
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63092
Illinois Terminal Single Car $24.95 BLU-63101
2 Pack $49.90 BLU-63102