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Norfolk Southern G-85R TopGon - w/Smooth Tub

- The Prototype
In late 1991, Norfolk Southern debuted the first two prototypes of its TOP GON® re-body program. Looking for a way to expand the capacity and the longevity of its coal car fleet, this program took in old hoppers, stripped them to the frame, and built an entirely new gondola body on top of that frame. With production starting in July of 1992, spanning multiple classes with multiple variations, NS' Roanoke East End Shops churned out over 18,000 of these cars, ending production in 1998. With almost 3,265 of class G-85R, G-86R and G-88R’s in service, this model represents one of NS' most recognizable freight cars.
- The Models
This production features a new body style variation - a smooth tub underframe without the 'ribbed' braces. Our 3D engineering models were accurately designed from blueprints and field measurements. Furthermore, literally thousands of photographs have been analyzed to ensure our printing is extremely accurate, with specific attention given to the car class.

Each road number features specific load weight, light weight, re-body date printing! In fact, each road number was matched to prototype photos so authenticity is dead-on!

- Features
• Ready-To-Run
• Injection-Molded Plastic
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Separately Applied Wire Grab Irons
• Separately Applied Wire Cut Levers
• Etched-Metal Brake Wheel Platforms
• Installed Internal Bracing
• Accurately Painted/Printed
• Accumate® Trucks & Couplers
• 24 Numbers & Paint Variations

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