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F89-J 89' Flat Car

- The Prototype
Built for Trailer Train by ACF between 1966-68, the visually unique “F89-J” 89’ Flat Car was produced for TOFC service and was the only standard-height, bowl deck car of this design by ACF. Easily identified as a common asset in the vast TTX car fleet, over 1,600 F89-J’s haul trailers, pipe, rail, bulk loads, and hundreds remain in service today! Not easily confused with any other 89’ flat car, pre-order your F-89J’s and add flair to your freight roster!
- The Models
Our first freight car! We have been working hard on this model and look forward to delivering a first class scale model of this unique car. From day one, our 3D engineering models were accurately designed from blueprints and field measurements. Furthermore, literally thousands of photographs have been analyzed to ensure our printing is extremely accurate, with specific attention given to the car class. (Please note artwork representation is pre-production and changes may occur.)
- RTTX Cars (1990's+)
With over 1,600 F89-J's in TTX's roster, these cars have served in numerous freight hauling capabilities. As modeled, our RTTX (post 1990's TTX paint scheme) F89-J's feature the ultra-common "Triple 28'/Twin 45'" trailer configuration. Furthermore, each model comes with road number-specific deck and paint detail! Got trailers? Load'em up!
- Features
• Ready-To-Run
• Die-Cast Metal Frame
• Fine-Scale Detail
• Accurately Painted/Printed (multiple variations!)
• Prototypical Ride Height
• ALL-NEW 70-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
• ALL-NEW Scale Profile Metal Wheels
• Body-Mounted Brown Micro-Trains Couplers

Description Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
RTTX 600963 $26.98 BLM-13001
RTTX 601171 $26.98 BLM-13002
RTTX 601520 $26.98


RTTX 601816 $26.98 BLM-13004
RTTX 601967 $26.98 BLM-13005
RTTX 602068 $26.98 BLM-13006
TTX Brown "As Delivered" 601852 $26.98 BLM-13007
TTX Brown "As Delivered" 601867 $26.98 BLM-13008
TTX Brown "As Delivered" 601890 $26.98


TTX Brown "As Delivered" 602185 $26.98 BLM-13010
TTX Brown "As Delivered" 602160 $26.98 BLM-13011
TTX Brown "As Delivered" 602001 $26.98 BLM-13012
TTX 601035 $26.98 BLM-13013
TTX 601088 $26.98 BLM-13014
TTX 601123 $26.98


TTX 601880 $26.98 BLM-13016
TTX 601882 $26.98 BLM-13017
TTX 601963 $26.98 BLM-13018
TTX 601276 $26.98 BLM-13019
TTX 601292 $26.98 BLM-13020
TTX 601304 $26.98 BLM-13021
TTX 601308 $26.98 BLM-13022
The JTTX designation started as TTX saw the need for cars that could carry bulk load. In the 1990's, the JTTX fleet started hauling all types of bulk loads, and was a predecessor to the PTTX fleet of pipe hauling cars. Many F89-J's were re-purposed from trailer to bulk load hauling.
JTTX 12 Road Numbers $29.95 $23.96 BLM-13033
JTTX 12 Pack $359.40 BLM-13033-12