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Modern Concrete Style Grade Crossings Expander
1 PiecesPart #BLM-80 N Scale Supply Price: $7.00

Like our Rubber Style Grade Crossings (BLMA #77-78), these Modern Concrete Style Grade Crossings will fit right at home on any modern layout.

To Install:

Remove all pieces from the frame.

At this point, you may decide to paint the part prior to installation, or, you might want to install and then paint. (painting methods discussed below).

Note that on the right side of the etching, there are three detached pieces unlike the other (left) end. These are the "plates" that are attached to the end of the grade crossing and angle from the same height as the crossing, from the same height as the crossing, to the same level as the ties below. The detached plates are so our EXPANDER pack (BLMA #80) can be fitted in place to expand the grade crossing from two to four lanes.

Prior to installing, bend the end plates down on the left end so that if the crossing is the same height as the rail, the bottom of the plates will be at the top of the ties.

To install, you will need to place shims under the grade crossing to bring it up to the right height from the top of the ties. We suggest using strips of plastic, though strips of wood or other materials may work as well. What ever method you choose, note that the width of the material will depend on the height (code) of your rail.

Once you have the long sections securely glued in place, glue the detached end pieces on the right hand end at the same angle as those on the left. (NOTE! This is the time when you should put the EXPANDER set (BLMA #80) between the end plates and long etchings with end plates attached).

To Paint:

We suggest using thin paint and an air brush or fine brush to paint the crossing. On the prototype, the narrow border around the large rectangles are metal and help keep the cement (the large rectangle) intact. The metal border should be painted a dark red and of coarse, the concrete should be a light gray (unless heavily weathered).

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