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Modern EMD style Locomotive cut lever
1 PairPart #BLM-13N Scale Supply Price: $3.00
10 PairPart #BLM-62N Scale Supply Price: $8.40

Remove cut levers from etching frame with a sharp hobby knife blade. The middle ‘U’ section needs to be perpendicular to both outside handles of the cut lever. To bend the middle section we suggest grasping one side of the ‘U’ with pliers and grasping the straight portion next to it with another pair of pliers. Then, with little force, rotate one hand 90 degrees to make the ‘U’ perpendicular to the outside of the cut lever. Do this to both sides to complete. Once you have completed the step above, bend the small end pieces of the grab irons 90 degrees so they are facing the opposite direction of the ‘U’. These little “nubs” should rest on the pilot of the locomotive while the ‘U’ portion hangs out over the coupler. You can use the mounting pins supplied with the cut lever to mount it on the pilot of the locomotive. This requires a #80 drill bit.

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