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Remote Controlled Locomotive (RCL) Antenna Stands
Part #BLM-102 N Scale Supply Price: $5.80

Disliked by many railroaders, Remote Controlled Locomotives (RCL’s) are becoming a common site around the country. Our new set of numerous RCL Antenna Stands will make your modern switching fleet stand out!

This detail set is etched in .006" brass for scale fidelity, durability, and it premium paint surface. Included in this set are four of the most common remote controlled locomotive antenna stand styles. This product also features a drill template for styles A and B.

- Product Key:
A. Large Flat Top Stand: This stand is mounted on the angled portion of the locomotives cab roof. Note that the antenna stand top may be mounted at the roof height or just above the roof height; our drilling jig is equipped for both styles.
B. Narrow, Long Stand: Used on many odd-ball switchers such as SW1500’s, SD9’s, and more, this narrow stand mounts where the cab roof angles down on either side of the cab.
C. Square Stand (two sides): Mounted in the same location as stand B, this small stand has only one side and top. Like antenna stand B, this product mounts flush with the roofline.
D. Square Stand (three sides): Mounted like C, this stand extends above the roofline and utilizes three sides.
The antenna foundations for styles A and B are located in the bottom center of the fret (between the A’s). Locate prototype photos for exact placement of these stands.

- Instructions:
• Bend the sides of the provided drill template so they match the angle of your cabs roofline. The large ‘F’ on the template indicates the front.
• The drill template works for antenna styles A & B only. Note that style A has two sets of holes near the edge of both sides. If you are mounting the style A at the roofline height, remove the inside (short) legs and only drill the two outermost holes; drill the top holes (located next to the A’s) and the second to the outermost holes for a stand that sits above the roofline.
• Drill holes using a #80 drill (enlarge hole if necessary) and secure the stands with CA glue.


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