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August 14, 1999

Step 5: Assembly

Place a piece of Kapton tape under where the light board will go. The resistor lead will have a tendancy to hit the frame. Start by routing the wires down into the groove letting the light board hang out as far as possible. As you insert the light board pull on the decoder pulling the wires down and through the groove. Hold the wires into the groove with another piece of tape. As you can see in the picture below I left the yellow wire incase I decide to add a beacon later. Install the black light deflector, pull the light bulb up to the level of the board.

Before installing the brass wipers into the frame, its a good idea to clean them. Take a pencil eraser and lightly rub the ends where they will contact the trucks. Install the trucks and you can test the engine on your DCC system.

Assuming everything is functioning correctly its time to install the shell. One small piece of the shell has to be modified before it will slip on. Take a pair of nippers and cut the glue holding the rear light lens in place. Fish this piece out and do some judicious cutting on it. It is too long to allow the decoder to go into the shell. Using a pair of nippers I chipped little pieces away until I got the piece shown below. Reinstall it (I didn't need any glue, it seems to stay in place by itself).

The shell should slip back on at this point. There is sufficient room for the decoder, but not a lot of excess.

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