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August 14, 1999

Step 2: Cut the Frame

Make sure the frame spacers are removed, the only pieces that should still be left on the frame halves are the brass bearing plates. I decided it would be easier to cut both frames at one time, so I assembled the two halves with the screws and nuts, but make sure you leave out the spacers.You need to remove a section of metal at the back to make a little more room for the decoder and then enlarge the groove between the two frame halves to run the wires.

I used a standard hack saw to do both jobs. Start by afixing the frame, either into a small vise or using a C-Clamp to a table. Do not use too much pressure as these frames are fairly soft and can be easily warped. Make the two cuts at the rear to remove the section and then clean it up with a file. Next pull the hack saw through the center groove to englare it. The width of a medium blade is plenty of room to install the wire in.

The most imporant step: after the cuts are done, wash the frame completely. Make sure any filings are gone as these can short the motor and damage the decoder. Don't worry about washing any of the lubrication away, if it was on the frame it was obviously in the wrong spot.

Step 3: Wire up the Motor

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