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Engine #40 starting up the hill. I'm about 200 yards away and the echo in the valley is incredible. Please note that I sacrificed video quality for the sound, by far the best part, listen to the video long after the train has left the screen. If you have stereo on your computer turn it up so the people in the next cubicle hear it to!
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Engine #40 crossing the Devils Gate Bridge. Again, not the best video. Two interesting sounds. The chuff you hear is from the engine in the video. The whistle you hear is from the two shays coming down the hill about 2 miles to my back. And yes, those are dogs you hear, they were in the back of a pickup right next to me.
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Shay's #12 and #14 pulling 9 cars. This is at the very start of the run, you can see Devil's Gate bridge 100' above them. I was standing a few feet from the track, this is a near life-changing event to experience.
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Visit to the Loop on August 22 with #40 and Shay #12 working.
July 2000 visit to the Loop and area