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All products do not contain CFC's and are ozone safe

Delicate Parts Cleaner - 11 ounces
N Scale Supply Price:
134A Air Duster - 10 ounces
Part #AVW-134A
Stick-It Spray Adhesive - 16.5 ounces
Part #AVW-SA
BLOW OFF Delicate Parts Cleaner is fast drying and leaves no residue. Can be safely applied to plastic, rubber and metal. BLOW OFF Delicate Parts Cleaner is non-conductive and easily removes oil, grease and dirt.

Removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach areas of home and office equipment.

Stick-It Trim Adhesive provides high strength and high teperature bonds on a wide variety of materials. Stick-It Trim Adhesive has a specially designed three way adjustable valve allowing the user to select the spray pattern. Stick-It Trim Adhesive dries quickly and clear while forming a water-resistant bond.
For Use On:
Trims Lightweight Headliners Foams Fabrics Carpet Laminate Upholstery Insulation Door Panels Marine Applications Canvas Signs Boats Metals Van Conversions HVAC Duct Liner Jute Pads Kick Pads Plastics Supported Vinyl Particle Board Cabinets Wood Furniture Rubber Fiberglass Leather Cardboard Foils Cork Glass Felt Automotive Repair Hobbies Displays Framing Layouts Masonory Motor Homes Screen Printing Plumbing Hardware Styrofoam Polystyrene Foams Latex Foams Billard Repair PVC Drywall Trim

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