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N Scale Signal System


Description Image MSRP Our $ Part #
7' Signal Cable $5.50 ATL-230
15' Signal Cable $10.25 $8.20 ATL-231
25' Signal Cable $15.25 $12.20 ATL-232
Analog Block Detector $18.75 ATL-233
N Signal Control Board $27.50 ATL-2234
N Type "G" Single Target $41.75 ATL-2235
N Type "G" Single Target (w/SCB) $68.95 ATL-2236
N Type "G" Single Target (4-Pack) $137.50 ATL-2237
N Type "G" Double Target $54.95 ATL-2238
N Type "G" Bi-Directional Single Targets $54.95 ATL-2239

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