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ACF 70-Ton 52' Gondola's

- The Prototype
First produced in 1948 for Pennsylvania Railroad as class G31, PRR purchased 11,600 welded cars of this body style in the G31/G31A/G31B/G35, serving the “Standard Railroad of the World” in every corner of North America in many customer applications. If you model somewhere in North America, you can use a PRR model! Besides PRR, several other railroads also purchased these gondolas from ACF, and some former PRR cars were purchased second-hand by various railroads. Most of these gondolas were phased from revenue service during the 1990's.
- The Models
You're never seen an N Scale gondola like this! From the rail up, these N Scale models were engineered to capture the scale fidelity of the prototype. Featuring extremely fine molding, separately applied brake rigging, an etched-metal brake platform and more! Plus, these cars ride on BLMA's NEW 70-Ton Friction Bearing trucks with 33" Metal Wheels featuring a front AND backside wheel profile. If that wasn't enough, check-out the ride height on this model... Just like the prototype!
- Features
  • Ready-To-Run
  • Injection-Molded Plastic
  • Fine-Scale Detail
  • Separate Brake Detail
  • Chemically Etched Brake Platform
  • Accurately Painted/Printed
  • Prototypical Ride Height
  • BLMA 70-Ton ASF Friction Bearing TrucksBLMA 33”
  • Scale Profile Metal Wheels
  • Body-Mounted Brown Knuckle Couplers

DescriptionRoad #ImageMSRPOur $ Part #
UndecNone $19.95ATL-50 003 400
Birmingham Southern5854$25.95ATL-50 003 401
5897$25.95ATL-50 003 402
5912$25.95ATL-50 003 403
Chicago & North Western 131118$25.95ATL-50 003 404
131337$25.95ATL-50 003 405
Delaware & Hudson13701$25.95ATL-50 003 406
13773$25.95ATL-50 003 407
13808$25.95ATL-50 003 408
Detroit Toledo & Ironton374999$25.95ATL-50 003 409
375137$25.95ATL-50 003 410
375222$25.95ATL-50 003 411
Erie Lackawanna 12634$25.95ATL-50 003 412
12770$25.95ATL-50 003 413
12789$25.95ATL-50 003 414
Penn Central 512135$25.95ATL-50 003 415
512188$25.95ATL-50 003 416
513011$25.95ATL-50 003 417