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Fairbanks Morse H-15-44 Diesels

Prototype Information
H15-44s with the Loewy body were built from August 1947 thru June 1949 with a total of 35 produced for the US Market.
  • Road Switcher
  • Trucks: B-B
  • Prime Mover: 1,500 horsepower Opposed-piston (OP) 8-cylinder/16-piston Diesel
Prototype photos can be found at: http://www.northeast.railfan.net/diesel35.html
Owning Railroads (not all are being produced by Atlas at this time):
Akron, Canton & Youngstown (#200 purchased 06/1949) photos
Central of New Jersey (#1500-1513 purchased 03/1948) photos photos
Central of Georgia (#101-105 purchased 06/1949)
Denver & Rio Grande Western (#150-152 purchased 01/1948) info
Kansas City Southern (#40, 41 purchased 05/1949, 41 was renumbered to 45) photos
Long Island RR (#1503 purchased 06/1950)
Monon (#36, 37 purchased 09/1947, renumbered to #45, 46 in 1948) photo
Rock Island (#400, 401 purchased 12/1948)
Union Pacific (#1325-1329 purchased 04/1948) info
Model Information
Two different variations are available; a standard DC version and one equipped with a factory-installed DCC decoder board.
Features include:
  • Bi-directional red and green LED classification lights that work in DCC and analog mode
  • Scale Speed™ motor
  • Factory-equipped with AccuMate® knuckle couplers
  • Painted safety rails
  • Blackened metal wheels
    Golden-white LED headlights
  • Two versions: Decoder-equipped (Lenz) or non-decoder equipped with PC board designed for easy conversion to DCC in the future if desired

Road Name Road # Image
NOTE: The pictures provided by Atlas may be of HO Scale Models
MSRP Our $ Part #
(Early Body & Cab, w/Body Mounted Handrails)
none Analog $119.95 ATL-52000
Akron Canton & Youngstown (Yellow/Black/Silver)
Early "Loewy" Body and Cab w/Sill Mounted Handrails
201 Analog $119.95 ATL-52172
$159.95 ATL-52135
202 Analog $119.95 ATL-52173
$159.95 ATL-52136
Kansas City Southern (Black/White)
(Early Body & Cab, w/Body Mounted Handrails)
40 Analog $119.95 ATL-52174
$159.95 ATL-52137
41 Analog $119.95 ATL-52175
$159.95 ATL-52138
Jersey Central (Green/Yellow) (CRR Co. Herald)
(Early Body & Cab, w/Body Mounted Handrails)
1501 Analog $119.95 ATL-52176
$159.95 ATL-52139
1503 Analog $119.95 ATL-52177
$159.95 ATL-52140
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