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EMD SD-7 Diesel


The Chassis is DCC Ready

Shown here with an NCE-N12A0 Decoder installed.

Prototype Information
Model:EMD SD-7
Time Period Produced:1952 - 1953
US Market Size:Approx 180+
Notes: The Atlas Classic N Scale SD-7 Locomotive is based on the prototype manufactured by EMD from February 1952 to November 1953. Utilizing a 1,500 hp engine and a longer underframe than the GP-7, the SD-7 was the first locomotive to use EMD's Flexicoil truck. The SD7s are distinguished by having their classification lights set in from the edge of the hood, on SD9s and later they were at the outer edge of the hood.
Model Information
Features include:
  • Innovative Scale Speed™ motor
  • Direction Lighting using golden-white LED's
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Low Friction Drive /dual brass flywheels
  • Factory-equipped with body mount AccuMate® magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Will have a DCC ready frame
NOTE: The following categories are the opinion of N Scale Supply and are very subjective. These are provided to give you a rough idea of the quality of the product. Your mileage may vary.
Performance:Very smooth performer. Excellent low end speed range (this engine has the new Atlas slow speed motor). Measured top speed was 139mph. Top speedRealistic speed range (top speed seems to be about 60mph). We dug out an old Atlas/Kato SD9 and compared the performance. Of course since this new one has the slow speed motor we didn't expect them to run together, what we were amazed at was the difference. The older unit was approximately twice as fast.
Sound/Noise level:Again, comparing to the older Atlas / Kato SD9 this new unit is remarkably quieter. I had a Kato SD70MAC on hand and so compared the two. First, the Kato was almost exactly twice as fast as the SD9. When you slowed the Kato back from Mach 3 to a reasonable speed the sound level was very close. I couldn't tell you which was quieter, it was too close to call.
Overall Value:Atlas has improved the performance of an excellent Classic Engine.
Road NameRoad #PictureDCC / AnalogMSRPOur $Part #
without dynamic brakes
no #Analog$124.95ATL-53600
with dynamic brakes
no #Analog$109.95ATL-53601
Bessemer & Lake Erie 451Analog$124.95ATL-40 003 664
$159.95ATL-40 003 679
453Analog$124.95ATL-40 003 665
$159.95ATL-40 003 680
Milwaukee Road501Analog$124.95ATL-40 003 666
$159.95ATL-40 003 681
512Analog$124.95ATL-40 003 667
$159.95ATL-40 003 682
Minneapolis & St. Louis 852Analog$124.95ATL-40 003 668
$159.95ATL-40 003 683
952Analog$124.95ATL-40 003 669
$159.95ATL-40 003 684
Chicago & North Western1660Analog$109.95ATL-53622


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