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EMD GP38 Early Version Diesels

Walkway safety tread, MU receptacle & painted safety rails are just a few of the incredible details on the Atlas GP38

Prototype Information
Similar in appearance to the GP35 with a couple of exceptions. Two small exhaust stacks instead of the larger stack of the 35 and two radiator fans instead of the three on the 35. Over 700 were delivered into the US, Canadian and Mexican markets from 1966 to 1971.
  • Road Switcher
  • Trucks: B-B
  • Prime Mover: 2000 horsepower 645 16-cylinder engine
Model Information
Two different variations are available; a standard DC version and one equipped with a factory-installed DCC decoder board.
Features include:
  • Directional lighting
  • Walkway safety tread
  • Painted handrails
  • Dynamic brakes as appropriate by railroad
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Slower speed motor for closer to scale speeds
  • NEW White LED's, Second run has Golden Whites
  • Full pilots with body mount AccuMate® knuckle couplers!
The GP38s are factory equipped with AccuMate knuckle couplers. Rapidos are included in the package along with a user installable Plow.


Printing is exceptionally crisp

Fuel tank details are appropriately painted

Road Name Road # Picture Control MSRP Our $ Part #
Undecorated n/a n/a ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48900
w/o Dynamic Brakes
n/a n/a ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48901
Bangor & Aroostook

New: November 2004
84 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48917
85 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48918
$129.95 ATL-48983
no # ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48919
Maine Central

New: September 2005
253 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48920
$129.95 ATL-48984
260 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48921
$129.95 ATL-48985
no # ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48922
Bangor & Aroostook
without dynamic brakes
82 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48923
83 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48924
$129.95 ATL-48987
87 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48925
Maine Central
(Harvest Gold/Green/Black "Circle Herald")
252 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48926
$129.95 ATL-48988
254 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48927
$129.95 ATL-48989
258 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48928
2000 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48929
$129.95 ATL-48990
2001 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48930
$129.95 ATL-48991
2004 ANALOG $99.95 ATL-48931
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