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Atlas Master DCC System DISCONTINUED

Atlas has posted a tremendous amount of information
on this DCC system to the Atlas Web Site. Click on the Atlas logo at the top of this page. In the left hand menu click on Products and then DCC.
The Atlas Commander is a DCC controller which is a command station and power station in one. The lightweight unit gives you the ability to control speed and functions - like headlights, ditchlights and sound - of up to 99 decoder-equipped locomotives and 99 decoder-equipped accessories (ie. - turnouts). So by turning a dial you control the speed, and by pushing buttons you can turn the headlights of locomotives on or off, or change the direction an engine is traveling. It supports up to five additional Commanders and/or walk-around throttles and three additional power stations (for added power).

Features of the Atlas Commander include:
  • Controls up to three functions of a decoder (available functions depend on the capability of the decoder)
  • Intuitive button and dial control
  • Stack function for simple recall of up to 8 engines
  • 28 speed-step operation default; 14 & 128 speed-step selectable
  • Easy hook up to Atlas Generator or other appropriate power supply
  • Built-in, easy-to-follow programming for engine address, start voltage, acceleration and deceleration, and configuration
  • Recommended for use with HO and N scale
  • Includes 1-year limited warranty
  • Complete instruction guide gets you running DCC trains fast!

Power Requirements:
  • Input - 14 to 16 VAC, 14 to 18VDC
  • Output - 2.5 Amps continuous, 3 Amp shutdown
Atlas Commander Part #ATL-330 DISCONTINUED
The second part of Atlas' Master DCC System is the power supply, and Atlas' new unit is called the Atlas Generator. The Generator provides power to the Atlas Commander (or other command station) and your track.

Features of the Atlas Generator include:
  • UL Recognized with thermal fuse for overload protection
  • Easy access terminals hold wires in place
  • Compact size
  • Connects easily to power Atlas' Commander or other command station
  • Recommended for use with HO or N scale
  • Includes 1-year limited warranty
  • Can also be used as an auxiliary power supply for accessory lighting, and as a general purpose power supply for turnouts and switch machines (all scales)

Power Specifications:
  • Input - 120VAC/DC min, 50-60 Hz
  • Output - 15V 3.0 Amps

Atlas Generator Part #ATL-335 DISCONTINUED
Atlas Master DCC System
Includes both the Commander & Generator
Part #ATL-332
The Atlas Master DCC HandCommand adds complete walkaround capability to the Atlas Commander or any other system that supports XpressNet technology.

Features of the Atlas HandCommand include:

  • Controls up to 5 functions of a decoder (available functions depend on the capability of the decoder)
  • Functional design allows for one-handed control
  • Stack function for simple recall of up to 8 engines
  • XpressNet compatible
  • Allows control of up to 99 locomotives and accessories
  • No battery required
  • Includes MU consist setup functionality (if consisting is supported by the command station you are using)

The Atlas HandCommand has all the functionality of the Atlas Commander, without the ability to program decoders. The HandCommand requires a Commander or other Command station; it cannot function independently.

When you purchase Atlas' HandCommand, you'll also get...
Atlas Universal Panel Connector (UPC) Item # 322; also sold separately. This high quality UPC has an LED track status indicator; two DIN jacks and one modular jack that will allow you to connect up to three HandCommands, slave Commanders or other XpressNet devices. Mounts easily on any layout, using wood screws provided. When sold separately, the UPC comes with a 15’ cable wire.

7’ cable wire (with 6 pin modular connectors). Used to connect the Universal Panel Connector to your Atlas Commander (or other command station) .

6’ Coiled Cord--allows for movement from one location to another easily as you add Universal Panel Connectors to your layout.

There are no wires to make or additional accessories to buy. With the HandCommand you’re ready to walk around your layout and control your trains.

Atlas Master Hand Commander Part #ATL-331 DISCONTINUED