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40' Fruehauf Smooth-side Z-van Trailers

Road NameImageMSRPOur $Part #
Burlington Northern $21.98 ATH-5427
$21.98 ATH-5428
Clinchfield $21.98 ATH-5429
$21.98 ATH-5430
Rock Island $21.98 ATH-5431
$21.98 ATH-5432
Union Pacific $21.98 ATH-5433
$21.98 ATH-5434
Santa Fe $21.98 ATH-5435
$21.98 ATH-5436
Vermont Railway $21.98 ATH-5437
$21.98 ATH-5438
Chicago & North Western $18.98ATH-14201
Chessie $18.98ATH-14203
Nacionales de Mexico $18.98ATH-14205
Santa Fe $18.98ATH-14207
Southern $18.98ATH-14209
Union Pacific $18.98ATH-14211
CRR $18.98ATH-14215
Union Pacific $18.98ATH-14221
Vermont Railway $18.98ATH-14223
Missouri Pacific$18.98ATH-14230
Santa Fe $18.98ATH-14237
Chessie $18.98ATH-14239
Chicago & North Western $18.98ATH-14242
Nacionales de México $18.98ATH-14244
$18.98 ATH-14245
Southern $18.98ATH-14246
Union Pacific $18.98ATH-14248
Owner Operator $18.98ATH-14250

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