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36' Old Time Box

Model Features -
  • Fully assembled and ready to operate
  • Seperately applied brake wheel and roof walk
  • Molded truss rods with turnbuckles
  • Molded plastic underframe with brake cylinder
  • Screw mounted trucks for accurate tracking
  • Truck mounted magnetically operated knuckle couplers
  • Minimum radius: 9¾”
Prototype and Background Information:
Railroad boxcars are perhaps not only the best-recognized pieces of equipment ever put into service but also one of the most identifiable symbols of the industry itself. During the early years of the industry freight was hauled on simple flatcars or early gondolas. In Upstate New York was the burgeoning Mohawk & Hudson Railroad, the first chartered system in the United States which later became part of the New York Central, came up with the novel idea of covering its gondolas in 1833 since the railroad dealt with snow throughout much of the winter. The car’s development continued to improve over the years such as switching from basic wood construction with steel outside-bracing, within the same size specifications; 40 feet, a standard size employed by the American Association of Railroads (AAR). What made boxcars great, at least in the eyes of the railroads, was, their ability to haul about anything! Railroads thrive on redundancy to maximize efficiency.  

Road Name Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Southern Pacific
Era: 1943+
138 $21.98 ATH-15114
Southern Pacific
Era: 1926+
11664 $21.98 ATH-15115
Southern Pacific
Era: 1930+
11897 $21.98 ATH-15116
Mississippi Central
Era: 1943+
3020 $21.98 ATH-15117
3023 $21.98 ATH-15118


$21.98 ATH-15119
Maryland & Pennsylvania
Era: 1890+
723 $21.98 ATH-15120
726 $21.98 ATH-15121


$21.98 ATH-15122
New York Central
Era: 1890+
53437 $21.98 ATH-15123
53446 $21.98 ATH-15124


$21.98 ATH-15125
Pacific Electric
Era: 1890+
1805 $21.98 ATH-15126
1810 $21.98 ATH-15127


$21.98 ATH-15128
Virginia & Truckee
Era: 1890+
1009 $21.98 ATH-15129
1011 $21.98 ATH-15130


$21.98 ATH-15131

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