N Scale Logo Product Line: K Arnold Gmbh & Co


  • DCC Ready
  • 5 Pole Can Motor with Flywheels
  • Accepts Standard NMRA 6 Pin, All-wheel drive, Heavy metal die-cast chassis, Road specific detailing, State-of-the-Art Power Pickup

The GE U28C was the company's second six-axle model it produced and was virtually identical to its predecessor, the U25C, save for a slight increase in horsepower. The GE U28C began production directly after the U25C in December, 1965. It was all but identical to its predecessor (for instance it was the same length and weight and featured the tri-mount truck standard on many early GE C-C models) save for the slight increase in power to 2,800 horsepower using GE's 4-cycle model FDL16 prime mover. All the common attributes of early GE diesel locomotives were present in the U28C such as a standard/plain carbody design, short, low nose and relatively good reliability. Its tractive effort was slightly higher than the earlier U25C with 92,500 pounds of starting effort and about 79,500 pound continuous.

sorry but this item is no longer available