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N Scale Instant Roadbed - 30'
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Instant Roadbed is the most versatile model roadbed for model trains. Adaptable to any scale, Instant Roadbed can mount model train tracks and hold scale ballast without glue or spikes. Used by world famous layouts, museums, and award-winning modules.
Features of AMI Instant Roadbed
  • Holds Track - No Tacking
  • Realistic Appearance
  • Sound Deadening
  • Easily Cut & Formed
  • Hides Wires
  • Clean & Easy to Handle
  • Specially Formulated: Non-Toxic
  • Indefinite Shelf Life
Instructions for Using Instant Roadbed:
After determining your layout, simply press instant roadbed onto any clean, dry surface (including Styrofoam) and press the track to it. Seams and joints may be pressed and blended together with finger pressure. For added realism and to prevent foreign matter from sticking to the roadbed, taper the edges and sprinkle model ballast over the surface. Press the ballast into the roadbed and remove excess. Cut instant roadbed with scissors, knife, or razor blade. Visit the AMI Roadbed Website for more information and uses of this versatile product.

Grade Crossings are easily made

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