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Description Picture MSRP Our $ Part #
General Service Building 30.00 23.96AMB-601
Interlocking Tower 28.00 22.36AMB-602
Miner's Cabin 12.95 10.36AMB-603
Transfer Building 69.95 55.99AMB-604
Sonny's Shack (2 per box) 24.95 19.96AMB-605

Farmer's Grain and Stock Company
Available again: Feburary 2005


Santa Fe #3 Standard One Story Depot
Available again: Feburary 2005

$49.95 $39.96 AMB-607
One Bay Engine House 29.95 23.96AMB-608
Boston & Main Yard Office 19.95 15.96AMB-609
Country Grain Elevator 32.95 26.36AMB-610
N. Hitzeman Feed Mill 32.95 Back OrderedAMB-611
Two Story Depot w/Square Bay Window 29.95 23.96AMB-612
Railroad Rooming House 37.95 30.36AMB-613

Midwest Farm Combo


A. C. Brown Manufacturing Company

Glenwood No. 2 Oil Derrick -- 4-1/8 x 1-1/2 x 8-1/2" 10.5 x 3.8 x 21.6cm 52.9542.36AMB-616
Feeder Barn19.95 15.96AMB-617
IC Type A Depot
32.95 26.36AMB-618
Country Barn 45.95 36.76AMB-619
Farm Silo with Shed 31.95


Silex Grain Elevator 32.95 26.36AMB-621
Dill's Market 15.95 12.76AMB-622
Corydon General Store & Post Office 29.95 23.96
Back ordered
The Pickle Works
G. R. Dill & Sons Salting Station
84.95 67.96AMB-625
Standard Water Tank with Pump House29.95 23.96AMB-626
U.P. Style One Story Wooden Depot39.95 31.96AMB-627
Two Story Section House 24.95 $19.96AMB-628
One Story Section House 18.95 15.16

Back Ordered
Country Barn with Silo

69.95 55.96AMB-630
Branchline Depot 16.95 13.56AMB-631
Gandy Dancer's Shed 2-Pack24.95 19.96AMB-632
Ellington Mercantile29.95 23.96AMB-635
Springfield Cafe 19.95 15.96AMB-636
Springfield Depot 36.95 29.56AMB-638
Farmhouse Two Story w/Porch34.95 27.96AMB-640
Windsor Hotel 39.95 31.96AMB-643
Nine Mile House and Tavern
39.95 31.96AMB-645
Hillview Volunteer Fire Co. 29.95 23.96AMB-647
Northern Pacific Depot 64.95 51.96AMB-649
Southern Pacific Combination Type 23 Depot with Dock
New: Feburary 2005
Alton Grain Elevator
New: June 2005
Hinkle Mill
New: Feburary 2005
SP Two Story Combination Depot Type 22 $99.95$79.96AMB-676
Crossroads Church
New: Sept 2002
McCormac's Dry Goods
New: Feburary 2005
Company Houses
New: Feburary 2005